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How To Deal With Lithium Ion Batteries

Since October last year there have been 132 incidents involving battery overheats or fires aboard aircraft, according to the FAA. Until the recent
series of Boeing 787 incidents, most fires occurred in cargo containers or personal electronic devices carried in the cabin. In November 2011, the FAA issued an AD on Cessna’s then-new CJ4 to replace its lithium batteries due to overheating worries. Firefighting techniques surrounding lithium ion-powered devices change much of what cockpit and cabin crews have come to understand about fire suppression. Water actually turns out to be useful in fighting lithium battery fires, according to Aviatas, a UK-based aviation training company. The key to extinguishing these fires is to cool the battery from the thermal runaway condition that causes it to overheat, hence the need for water. In Aviatas’s free 11-minute lithium battery safety training course, the company says that if the cabin crew detects a fire, it should notify the flight-deck crew immediately. Next, attempt to remove power from the device, but never pick up the overheating device by hand. Crews should review how to isolate online charging stations from the rest of the ship’s power in an emergency. Aviatas cautions that even though tiny batteries carry only small amounts of lithium, they will spray molten lithium as they burn. Although ice is made of water, covering a burning laptop with ice actually risks an explosion. If water is not available, Halon is the next best extinguisher, followed by CO2 and wet foam, according to Aviatas.

A Safety Warning By SAFO

SAFO, a division of the FAA has posted this document online about coffee pots in the aircraft…





make an egg for a private plane, jet or aircraft - scrambled, benedictEaster’s on it’s way..Think outside the eggshell

written by Marsha Nizzi

–Are you about to order an egg? Read this article containing ideas and ingredients for popular egg dishes you can prepare on your next private jet flight.


flight attendant jobs corporate private jetFlight Attendant Job Resources

written by B&A staff writer

–How to find a flight attendant job, with online resources and examples of our private jet flight attendants can use social media in their search for employment.


flight attendant dressFlight Attendant Uniform and Dress

written by B&A staff writer
–Flight Attendant Uniform examples and ideas, please comment on what works for you!



cleaning an aircraft oven - gulfstream jet - private flight attendantHow to clean an oven on a aircraft – Gulfstream Jet

quick tip by Paula Kraft – Tastefully Yours Catering – Atlanta, GA

–Cleaning Aircraft oven Tia brand- used on most Gulfstream Private Jets.  This is an open area for flight attendants to comment on not only how to clean an aircraft oven but also how to use an aircraft oven on this particular jet but other jets as well.

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flight attendant salaryFlight Attendant Salary – Part 1

written by B&A staff writer


Details on how much a flight attendant would make per day along with per diem expenses, part 1 in a series.




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