The perfect fit for a better value:

  1. A FREE initial or recurrent training for any flight department, read more…sign up
  2. A “First Flight Free” by any of our new Flight Attendants Graduates, read more… sign up
  3. Recurrent training in-house at FXE, read more…sign up
  4. Comprehensive recurrent training online only $400! (smart and cost effective for the whole FA crew) read more…sign up

New!! Upgraded Facility and Updated Flight Attendant Training

specials for private corporate flight attendants recurrent




1. A FREE initial or recurrent training for any flight department, back to top…

We want to prove to you that our training program for Corporate Flight Attendants is not only compliant with every criteria for training but also rivaling as one the best in the industry.  11 years of training and counting!


That is why we are offering this to all Flight Departments:

1 Free Initial or Recurrent training for any of your flight attendants.  A value of $3,800.


This is not a joke. We so sure that our program is the best in the industry and we want to show you why, FREE!


We want to be your choice for training, even if you do not need initial or recurrent, why not send someone to review the class and see if it will fit your needs. We will give multiple student discounts and even tailor our training to fit your specific flight department.  We are dynamic.

We now have:

In our facility / hangar in FXE:

  • A full Gulfstream training galley
  • Functioning Gulfstream seats with tray tables
  • Real training on a emergency slide
  • Fully functioning emergency widow
  • Catering preparation training by the elite Silver Lining catering company

We also teach:

  • Live Simulation of Emergency Procedures and briefings
  • Serving techniques
  • Etiquette
  • Safety
  • Overview of multiple business aircraft interiors, doors, etc.
  • and much much more,


Just click around our site or email us for a syllabus at

Trust Beyond and Above Graduates:

  • President Mary Lou Gallagher is on the NBAA Flight Attendant Committee keeping current with all standards and regulations applicable for corporate flight attendants.
  • Our Graduates get jobs frequently at all major US and Worldwide charter and private flight departments.  Just read our testimonials page.

*Free classes do not include airfare and hotel stay for that week. Limited to one student one per company!


first flight attendant free


2. A “First Flight Free” by any of our new Flight Attendants Graduates, back to top…


Call us at 727-384-4135 to reserve a free flight attendant for your next flight!


private flight attedant schooling


Message from the President:

Beyond And Above is starting a new program introducing our Flight Attendants that have just graduated the opportunity to fly their “First Flight Free” with various companies.  Our program essentially offers Flight Attendants to do their first flight free for your company.

This gives you the opportunity to offer extra service to your owners/customers, experience the quality of our Flight Attendants and give our Flight Attendants that first and memorable trip.  Our comprehensive training includes all emergency procedures in compliance with the FAA FAR’s Part 91,125 and Part 135 but also goes that extra mile and trains in Business Etiquette, Business, Protocol, culinary, 5 star presentation and actual training on real aircraft in FXE.

You will not be required to pay them for the flight days as long as it does not exceed 10 days or otherwise agreed upon with the flight attendant.

We want to show you why our flight attendants are the best the industry has to offer. Give them a try, it’s no cost for you, and valuable flying time for them.

Thank you for your time and we are looking forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Kind Regards,

Mary Lou Gallagher

Beyond & Above
Mary Lou Gallagher
727 384 4135


flight attendant training


3. Register for recurrent training here->


4. Comprehensive recurrent training online only $400! (smart and cost effective for the whole FA crew), back to top…

Great for flight departments who want their new and employed flight attendants to refresh their training and emergency procedures. A good, complete course taken every 6 months. For the price this is an amazing solution for your flight department.  Register today or call for bulk contract discounts available. Register for online recurrent training here…

Contact us for bulk discounts…


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